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Food Grade

INGREDIENTS : Contains 9.7% Magnesium (Mg) and 12.8% Sulfur (S) as sulfate.

USES : For relaxation and relief of muscle aches, for feet, for constipation / toxin elimination and for calming hyperactive children.


  • For the temporary relief of muscular aches and stiffness of joints – Dissolve 375g in an average sized bath of warm water.
  • As a fertilizer: To help overcome Magnesium, and Sulfur deficiencies in soil (symptoms include yellow discoloration between leaf veins and curling of leaves), spread Epsom Salts over the soil. For citrus crops, tomatoes, lettuces, and other plants, also apply as a foliar spray (375g to 20 litres). For further advice, seek the help of an agricultural specialist.
  • As a fabric softener: Place 1 tablespoon of Epsom Salts in the washing machine before commencing the rinse cycle.


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