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Overview :

  • Deebee is a combination of essential vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Each tablet contains functional dosage of grape seed extract, vitamin B1, B6, B12 (methylcobalamin), folic acid, alpha lipoic acid and chromium. Methylcobalamin is the active form of vitamin B12 and it is known to protect and regenerate nerves from damage. These vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants are essential for maintaining a good health.

Ingredient :

  • Each tablet contains:
Grape Seed Extract 300 mg
(standardized to contain 95% proanthocyanidins)
Alpha Lipoic Acid 150 mg
Methylcobalamin (B12) 0.5 mg
Vitamin B6 12 mg
Vitamin B1 22.05 mg
Folic Acid 0.5 mg
Chromium (as chromium picolinate) 0.06 mg

Dosage & Administration :

  • Adults: Take 1 tablet once per day, after meal.

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